245D Services

Best solutions home health care is a licensed 245D provider of Adult Companion, Homemaker, Night Supervision, Personal Support, Respite, ILS Training, In-Home Family Support, and Care giver living expense. Trained Direct Support Staff members are available to help you with your needs when you want. Person Center planning is emphasized in our 245D programs. Staff are supervised and trained by our 245D coordinator.

Companion services:

Companion Services cover services that help a person work toward a therapeutic or community integration goal in their support plan.

It includes the following services:

Attend a movie with the person to practice coping skills to manage their social anxiety.
Go with the person to a community event to reduce their social isolation.
Play a board game with the person to enhance their fine motor skills.
Provide verbal instructions or cues to the person to help them complete a task.
Assist or supervise the person with tasks such as laundry, light housekeeping, meal preparation and shopping.

Community Residential Services (CRS)

At our CRS homes we provide 24-Hours a day support to people living in a comfortable and individualized residential setting. Our CRS programs cater to individuals in 1-person, 2-person, and 4-person homes. Our goal is to assist people in developing new habits, strategies, and skills while maximizing their strengths to lead fulfilling lives.

Homemaker services

Homemaker Services range from light household cleaning and laundry to assistance with home management and/or activities of daily living. Home Management includes meal prep, shopping for food, clothes and supplies, simple household repairs and arranging for transportation. Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) include bathing, toileting, grooming, eating, dressing and assistance walking. Homemaker Services are available under various payment options including Medical Assistance, Home and Community Based Services (waiver programs), and private pay.

Supported employment Services.

These services help people who are on disability waivers explore, plan for, and maintain employment.

Respite Care

Respite is a short-term care service intended to provide a break, or relief, to an individual’s primary caregiver(s). Respite may be provided in the individuals, or the Respite provider’s, home. This service is available under various payment options including Medical Assistance Home and Community Based Services (waiver programs), and private pay.

Independent living Skills:

Services that develop, maintain and improve the community living skills of a person.

It includes the following services:

Community living and mobility.
Interpersonal skills
Reduction/elimination of challenging behavior
Sensory/motor development involved in acquiring functional skills.

In-home Family Support

In-home family supports include assistance to develop, maintain or improve skills related to activities of daily living, such as:

Household chores (e.g., bed-making, washing dishes, laundry)
Eating and food preparation
Personal hygiene and cleanliness
Social and adaptive skills necessary to help the person live in the community.
Health, safety and wellness
Household management

Services are provided to an individual and his/her family (including extended family members) in the family’s home and/or in the community to enable the person to remain at home. This includes training of the person and family members to increase their capabilities to care for and maintain the individual in the home.

24HR Emergency Assistance

On-call or in-home problem solving, counseling, or emergency assistance for people in their home or community.

Individual Community Living Support

Services that provide support and/or training in community living service categories for people who live in their own home or their family’s home. Individualized home supports can be provided in the person’s own home, family’s home or in the community, and either in person or remotely. There are three types of individualized home supports.

It includes the following service categories:

Active cognitive support
Adaptive support service
Activities of daily living (ADLs)
Household management
Health, safety and wellness
Community engagement.

Night Supervision

Night Supervision Services is overnight assistance and monitoring provided by an awake staff in the individual’s own home. Examples of Night Supervision tasks include reinforcing independent living skills, monitoring for safety, or assisting with instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs)

Personal Support

Personal Supports is non-medical care, assistance, and supervision provided in the individual’s home or community. This one-on-one service is intended to increase one’s independence and involvement with community activities. This service largely focuses on providing opportunities that fully enable the individual to interact with people with and without disabilities as much as possible.

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